How To Remove Malware From WordPress

Removing malware from WordPress is not always that easy especially if you don’t have experience. WordPress websites are database driven so there are many places that hackers can hide their malicious code. Basic HTML websites are very simple in comparison because there are not many places to hide. WordPress, on the other hand,  has thousands of files and folders making it nearly impossible to find without help. We always suggest hiring a professional WordPress malware removal service we recommend use you can click here to learn more about their service.

We recommend you hire a service for several reasons. First getting hacked is something that can kill your business instantly and you want to get this fixed fast. Your learning curve could take many frustrating days or even weeks because if you miss any malware, it will come back. Also if you fail to close the holes the hackers used then it will come back.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is once your hosting company finds out you have malware then you can expect to be suspended until this issue is fixed. There is a good chance they will try to pass you off to a partner company that will try to lock you onto a monthly payment. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to remove the malware it is a complete scam. Your hosting company us trying to take advantage of you and force you into these large payments. The service mentioned above ( charges a flat rate of $99 to remove the malware, harden your site so the hackers cannot get into it and remove any blacklist you might have. I have heard hosting companies try to charge over $100 per month per site to remove the malware. Like I mentioned before your hosting company is trying to take advantage of you. Don’t be tricked into monthly payments that are not necessary.

Many people with hacked websites get a message and red screen that says – the site ahead contains malware. The video below will explain more about this Google warning.